Rana’s Studio

From the floors to the barres to the mirrors, Rana’s studio was built using the highest quality materials that can be found in the dance industry in order to provide an environment where your child can safely explore, practice and train in different genres of dance.

Rana’s Dance Floor

The dance floor is the most important part of the studio. Not having a proper subfloor or dance surface can lead to serious injuries that no child or teenager should go through. Providing a subfloor with enough spring and shock absorption combined with a dance surface having proper slip resistance will significantly reduce the risk of injury for your child.

Rana’s dance floor design is a supreme floating dance floor that is excellent for all forms of dance including ballet, jazz, modern and percussive. The subfloor combines incredible surface strength along with a very generous spring. It is a quadruple sprung basket weave style subfloor compromising 6 levels of construction. The entire floor rests on top of Airtech II pads to provide extra cushion and shock absorption.

For our dance surface we used the multipurpose TimeStep marley floor. This dance surface will provide proper slip resistance for your child to help reduce the risk of injury. The seams were heat welded together so that tape did not have to be used on the dance surface which can often lead to dancers tripping. With this dance surface your child will be able to safely practice and perform different dance techniques with confidence.