Rana’s Mission

Rana’s mission is to provide a professional, creative and positive environment where your child can safely explore different styles of dance.  Our teachers encourage your child to have fun and find their own sense of style as this is an important part of dance; especially when your child is young or new to dance.  At the same time our teachers promote hard work and setting goals to help build confidence as your child furthers their dance training.  From the class to the recital, our teachers are there to help your child develop their skills and explore their passion for dance.

Rana’s Dance Classes

Rana’s Academy of Dance offers a wide variety of dance classes; including ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical and hip-hop (coming soon) for children ages 18 months and up. Our dance classes provide the best of both worlds; a structured dance curriculum with teachers that know how to make the class fun so that your child will stay engaged and learn throughout the entire lesson. We are not a dance boot camp like some dance studios and we are not a dance studio that disguises playtime as a dance class. Come take a free dance class with us and see what parents are talking about!

What Parents Are Saying About Rana's

I’ll begin by saying I never really pictured my little girl as a dancer. Well, it only took one class with Rana to change that. My daughter is 4 years old and definitely has a lot of energy. Rana has a tremendous amount of patience, combined with a gentle, yet firm, approach to directing the young children. Her classes are comprised of a balanced combination of free-spirited movement (think fairy wings and ribbons) and structured, proper dance elements. She encourages teamwork and self-control. The girls in the class are eager to please and Rana has their attention from start to finish. She keeps the pace moving, changes activities at a good rate and treats the kids respectfully. Since taking dance classes with Rana, I’ve noticed big changes in my daughter’s poise and confidence. She simply seems to be better aware of her surroundings. I also have a son who is not yet 2 years old, but is very excited when he gets to see his big sister and her new friends dance, often imitating their moves and trying to get to the dance floor! Rana’s Academy of Dance has my recommendation for anyone looking for a wonderful character-building class for their little ones at a very reasonable cost. -Kristen

Before signing up with Rana’s Academy of Dance, I took my daughter who was almost 2.5 yrs old at the time, to another dance studio which we ended up leaving after 2 sessions as our experience there was negative. The difference between Rana’s and the other studio we went to was NIGHT and DAY! After doing a trial class with Rana, both my daughter and I were absolutely happy and signed up immediately & we are still with her 8 months laster. Why we LOVE Rana: * Class size is SMALL – very important factor with children raging from 2-4 yrs old. * Dance floor is amazing as it’s a real dance floor! * Her personality and instruction method is the right balance to engage the children. * She allows the children to really learn dance techniques with repetition and one-one guidance as needed. * Studio is fresh, clean and tidy. * She runs her business professionally and has a very warm demeanor. My child is slow to warm and can be clingy, I am very proud of my daughter who can go into her class session and not look back or want me during class. I am able to see my daughter’s progress during her class time as all the waiting adults in our class seem to know how to read the posted rules and abide by them (some of adults step out if needed) but really, I don’t see what the problem is with the other parent who posted a bad review – Rana is easy to talk to. Bottom line, I am a picky mom and highly recommend Rana. And I must say that I applaud Rana for running her studio the way she does when it’s class time for the children. When class is in session, IT IS NOT PARENT SOCIALIZATION time! Step outside, or plan a playdate so your kids can play and the adults can chat. Please be respectful of the class time environment, it’s disruptive to the young dancers and it’s a shame if the adults waiting can’t model appropriate behavior. PS – Thank you Rana for being a positive role model for my daughter who indeed knows how to gauge people and their personalities (she didn’t take to the other dance studio instructor at all)!!! -Karen

I started my daughter at Rana’s when we moved to the area in back in September. My daughter loves the class she takes ballet and tap combo. They keep the curtain shut – I did not know how felt about this when we first started but now I really do love it and it keeps the little girls focused on what they are there to do. The classes are small so the students get really great feedback from Rana. I love that she has a real dance floor. I love that the girls are doing actual bar work and learning the basics of ballet all I can say is my daughter looks forward to this class every week. I also commend Rana for having the patience of an angel….little girls talking about princesses all the time could get to anyone else but not Rana…always smiling and giving them her best. Keep up the good work! -Mommy

I highly recommend Rana’s Academy of Dance. My daughter goes to a special education program. She started attending Rana’s ballet classes at 3 year old to help improve her coordination and focus. Rana was so patient and understanding with the situation. Now my daughter is 4 years old and is getting all the steps right. My daughter loves to go to Rana’s class and see her. She connects with her and follows her directions. Rana’s professionalism is beyond expectations, and her work ethics and love for the kids make me feel like my daughter is with family. -Giuseppina

I brought my two year old to the Dance Discovery class and was beyond impressed. We signed her up on the spot. The studio is well designed and extremely clean. Rana and her entire staff are courteous and kind. They truly put the kids first. I love how there is a curtain to keep the class private, but at the same time allows the parents to hear everything that is going on. This curtain is especially wonderful for the littlest kids who are learning to be separated from their parents. The best part to me about Rana’s Academy of Dance is that my daughter loves it. -Melissa

Why Choose Rana’s?

  • Highly experienced and passionate teachers
  • Energetic and engaging atmosphere
  • Small class size so your child can focus
  • Structured dance classes
  • Dance classes starting at 18 months
  • Age appropriate music and curriculum
  • Multi-class discounts
  • Annual recital in June
  • Professional sprung floors
  • Marley dance surface
  • Offer a variety of dance genres
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Convenient neighborhood location
  • Central location close to San Mateo, Belmont, San Carlos, Foster City, Burlingame and Hillsborough.

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